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Fujian wanbaolong metal products co., ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture with a registered capital of 20 million yuan and an investment of 30 million yuan. it has 20,000 square meters of plant construction. Wanbaolong ( Zhangzhou ) metal products co., ltd., a subsidiary of the company, is also a solid enterprise that has been engaged in the research and development and production of metal products for eight years and has a factory building of 5,000 square meters. The company follows the development path of production, study and research. at present, it has a 100 - person professional research and development team and a production and management team, which can accept various non-standard customized mold opening and production and sales of metal products. With self-research automatic production equipment and mold opening capability, it has 15 patents and 2 trademark rights. A series of products have been formed: aluminum box, aluminum cover, pop-up can, pop-up cover and tinplate can.



Cans promote the development of aluminum plate production for cans
Although Chinas cans market is still in an oversupply situation due to the lack of standardization in the market, compared with developed countries, Chinas per capita consumption of cans is still very low, averaging only 4 cans per person per year, while the United States has reached 380 cans per person. This shows that with the enhancement of our countrys overall national strength and the improvement of peoples living standards, as well as the rise of a new round of high tide of aluminum processing investment, this situation will soon be reversed, and there is still broad room for the development of the aluminum cans market. The increase in demand for cans is also bound to promote the development of aluminum plate production for cans. In the next few years, the demand for aluminum for cans in our country will continue to increase. With the progress of cans production technology and aluminum processing technology and the intensification of market competition, reducing material cost and improving material performance are the eternal goals pursued by the development of cans production technology. The international community has begun to study the integrated alloy of tank body, cap and pull ring in order to further improve the recycling rate of materials, reduce costs and improve environmental protection benefits. In terms of processing methods, developed countries have begun to use continuous casting and rolling technology to produce aluminum alloy materials for cans, further reducing processing costs.

Fujian wanbaolong metal products co., ltd.

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